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Probate Notes

Until further notice, no probate notes will be posted.

The Court posts probate notes in advance of certain probate hearings in order to assist litigants, their counsel, and other interested persons. The probate notes contain information about the subject matter of the hearing, papers the Court has reviewed to prepare for the hearing, issues with those papers that must be addressed or resolved, and whether the Court requires the appearance of certain persons at the hearing. Interested persons are free to appear at the hearing even if their appearance is not required. For the convenience of litigants and their counsel, continued hearing dates may be included in the probate notes if appearance is not required, but litigants and their counsel may request different dates.

The Court aims to publish the probate notes as far in advance of each hearing as it is able. The actual publication date is influenced by a number of factors, including the number and complexity of the matters on that calendar, the timeliness of filing of papers for the hearings, and competing work demands. Local rule 5.24.0 outlines the probate-note procedures, including the expectation, where applicable, that all supporting documents and a proposed order be submitted to the clerk’s office at least ten court days before a hearing in order for a pleading to be recommended for approval in the probate notes. The Court’s local rules can be found HERE.

The probate notes usually are available beginning a week to several days before the hearing.

Within the probate notes, the cases are organized based on the order in which they appear in the Court’s case-management system. They are not always listed from lowest to highest case number. The case number appears on the left side of each page.

The Court is not required to publish probate notes. If no probate notes are published for a specific date, litigants and/or their counsel, as appropriate, will be expected to appear at the scheduled hearing.

The Court hopes you find the probate notes helpful to understanding and being involved with the case(s) in which you have an interest.

Probate Notes Archives

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