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Probate Notes

Probate Notes are not tentative rulings.  Parties and counsel are still expected to appear for the hearings unless the Probate Note specifies otherwise.   These notes are intended to alert parties to procedural or substantive deficiencies the Court wishes to discuss at the hearing.  Parties are expected to review these notes in advance of the hearing.  If the deficiencies are not timely explained/cleared, the Court may continue the hearing, place the matter off calendar, deny the matter without prejudice, or take other action it deems necessary. Unless indicated otherwise, all parties and counsel are authorized to appear via Zoom using the below meeting link:

All matters set for hearing in Department 5 are presumptively assigned to that department for all purposes.  Parties retain the right under Cal. Const. art VI §21 to decline consent to the Commissioner serving as a Judge Pro Tem up until the first hearing in the matter by so stating clearly at the outset of that hearing.  By participating in the hearing, or electing not to attend after due notice thereof, parties are deemed to have stipulated to the Commissioner serving as a Judge Pro Tem for the entirety of the case. See CRC 2.816.

Form TUO-PR-125 (Probate Code §12201)

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