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Adult Drug Court

Drug Court works with non-violent participants who have significant substance abuse history. Using Best Practice Standards from the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP), Drug Court uses an intensive rehabilitation program by integrating social services with a substance abuse treatment, together with judicial oversight to address participant accountability and facilitate recovery.

The Drug Court Team includes representatives from the Superior Court, the Behavioral Health Department, and the Adult Probation Department.

Program Elements

The Tuolumne County Superior Court utilizes Behavioral Health to facilitate treatment. After an intake assessment and enrollment into the Drug Court Program, a participant’s participation and progress is monitored by the Drug Court Team, including the Court.

To encourage behavioral change and compliance, the program includes both sanctions and incentives to encourage compliance with treatment and program requirements. Those who are non-compliant with treatment receive graduated sanctions, which can include jail time.

During the program, participants receive case management, group and individual counseling, vocational/educational services, substance abuse testing, and other supportive services.

Upon successful completion, generally after 12 to 24 months, probation is terminated, or charges are dismissed.

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