Landlord/Tenant (Unlawful Detainer)

An unlawful detainer is a civil case brought by a landlord to obtain possession of rented property and receive payment of back rent.

In order to legally evict a tenant (remove and lock the tenant out of the property), the landlord must file an unlawful detainer action. An award for possession of property authorizes the landlord to evict the tenant from the property.

If the landlord is also awarded judgment for payment of back rent, he or she may collect the judgment by garnishing the tenant’s wages, attaching the tenant’s property, or any other legal means.

Where to file (venue)

You must file your case in the proper judicial district and geographical area.  If the amount you are suing for is over $25,000. and the property is located within Tuolumne County, your case is an unlimited civil case and must be filed on the first floor of the Justice Center Courthouse at 12855 Justice Center Drive, Sonora, CA, 95370.


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Forms and Instructions can be located here.


Unlawful detainers (evictions or landlord/tenant cases) are processed on the first floor of the new Courthouse.


Justice Center Courthouse

12855 Justice Center Drive

Phone: (209) 533-5555

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