Probate Notes

What Are Probate Notes?

Probate notes provide a brief summary of the matter set for hearing.  They also note any errors and/or deficiencies regarding the paperwork filed for the hearing.

Probate notes are prepared by the Court’s Research Attorney, after review of your calendared matter.  It is our goal to have notes posted several calendar days prior to the hearing.  Notes may be viewed online by clicking the link below.

The notes will indicate:

  • That a petition has been recommended for approval;

  • That judicial determination of the issue is necessary; or

  • That there are missing documents that must be filed; and/or

  • That there may be other procedural defects noted.

After reading the probate notes, it is your responsibility to correct the errors or deficiencies noted to the best of your ability.  If you do not make the corrections, your matter may be continued until all corrections are made.  Any errors or deficiencies must be remedied before the petition will be approved.

Probate Notes for December 9, 2016

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