Telephonic Appearances
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What is CourtCall?

CourtCall is an organized program allowing attorneys or self-represented persons to appear by telephone in certain non-evidentiary, pre-trial proceedings. By paying a fixed fee in advance, an attorney or unrepresented party may secure a place on the court's telephonic hearing calendar and make an appearance without leaving their home, office, or other convenient location.  A fee for this service is required by CourtCall.  CourtCall is voluntary and supplements, but does not replace, the regular calendar for those matters requiring a personal appearance.  All CourtCall appearances should be arranged no later than five (5) court days prior to the hearing.

How does CourtCall work?

Most pre-trial proceedings are conducted through daily calendars. With CourtCall, a lawyer or self- represented party appears by telephone on a regularly scheduled Telephonic Hearing Calendar by simply calling the dedicated toll-free teleconference number listed below. The court clerk calls the same number, and after a brief check-in period, during which all participating lawyers report their appearances to the clerk, the calendar is conducted case by case, just as in personal appearances.

How do I reach CourtCall?

Call 1-888-88-COURT or 1-888-882-6878.

You must pre-clear your appearance by contacting CourtCall at least five (5) court days prior to the hearing.

What types of matters can use CourtCall?

Unlimited Civil:

  • Family law matters which do not require evidence beyond that submitted with the moving or responding papers.

  • Law and motion matters not exceeding 15 minutes.

  • Trials, pre-trials, and settlement conferences cannot be handled through CourtCall, and no evidence will be taken on CourtCall.

Limited Civil:

  • Law and motion matters that do not require evidence.

  • All case management conferences.

  • Trials and settlement conferences cannot be handled through CourtCall, and no evidence will be taken on Court Call.

Is there a fee associated with CourtCall?

Yes.  Please contact CourtCall for the current fee at 1-888-88-COURT or 1-888-882-6878.

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