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The Presiding Judge must approve any requests for cameras or laptop computers to be allowed in any courtroom.

Cameras and Laptop Computers in the Courtrooms

These procedures have been developed for the protection of all parties to ensure the secure and efficient handling of cases and events in either of the Superior Court, County of Tuolumne courthouses. No filming, photography, or electronic recording is permitted in either courthouse location, including hallways, except as permitted and consistent with Rule 1.150, California Rules of Court. Violation of California Rule of Court 1.150 may result in termination of media coverage, contempt of court proceedings, or monetary sanctions as provided by law.

Please review California Rule of Court 1.150, regarding limitations on camera use in and outside the courtroom, before making a request to film or photograph a court proceeding. A link to this rule is provided below.

Requests for Cameras in the Courtroom

Requests for any type of video, still photography, or audio coverage, including pool cameras, must be made in compliance with Rule 1.150(e)(1), California Rules of Court. To submit a request, complete forms MC-500 and MC-510 and then deliver them to the court’s Executive Assistant located on the third floor of the Historic Courthouse at 41 West Yaney Avenue, Sonora, California. Forms MC-500 and MC-510 may also be faxed to the office of the court's Executive Assistant at (209) 533-5618. The forms will be submitted to the Presiding Judge for review and consideration. Upon completion, you will be contacted with either approval or denial of your request, and your documents will be forwarded to the Clerk of the Judicial Officer hearing the matter.

Requests for Use of Laptop Computer in the Courtroom

To make a request to use a laptop computer during a court proceeding, please call the court’s Executive Assistant at (209) 533-5650.  Your request will be submitted to the Presiding Judge for consideration.  Once a determination has been made, you will be contacted with either approval or denial of your request.  If your request is approved, the Executive Assistant will inform the Judicial Officer hearing the matter, and his or her bailiff and clerk, of your request and approval.

Please call the court’s Executive Assistant at (209) 533-5650 if you have any media questions.

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