The Small Claims Advisor provides resources and answers to specific questions. Please view the information on this website and other resource Links which may answer all of your questions.

Before contacting the Advisor, you should download or pick up Small Claims forms from the Civil/Family Law Division located on the second floor of the historic courthouse at 41 W. Yaney Avenue, Sonora, CA, 95370, and complete them.

These forms are also available online at http://www.courts.ca.gov/forms.htm.

Small Claims assistance is also available in person at the Court's  Self Help Center

Located on the first floor at the same address indicated above..

The Small Claims Advisor for Tuolumne County is:
 Hal Channell  (209) 532-8399

What Can the Small Claims Advisor Do For Me?

The Advisor can answer your questions about Small Claims and:

1.     Explain the small claims rules and procedures.

2.     Explain how to complete small claims forms.

3.     Explain how to prepare for court.

4.     Explain how to collect your money if you have won.

5.     Explain what you can do if you cannot afford to pay.

6.     Refer you to an attorney or other agencies that may be able to help you.


PLEASE NOTE: The Advisor cannot act as your attorney and their services are not intended to replace those of your own attorney.  Also, the Advisor will not be able to tell you whether you "have a case", whether you will win, or what your chances are of winning. They can, however, assist you in preparing your best case. The Advisor's main purpose is to explain how to prepare for and correctly use the Small Claims Court, how to complete the forms, and to inform you about the Small Claims and general California law and common consumer problems.


For Additional Assistance

An information booklet called "The Do's and Don'ts of USING THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT" is published in English by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. It provides answers to frequently asked questions about Small Claims Court. The booklet is available online at: http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/dca.shtml.

If you need landlord/tenant information, please visit:

The Judicial Council sponsors a Self-Help Small Claims website with a variety of information on Small Claims law and procedure, and specific information about Small Claims Court and advisory services within each of the 58 counties. The address is: http://www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-smallclaims.htm.






Small Claims are processed on the second

floor  of  the  Historic Courthouse located at

41 West Yaney Avenue, Sonora, CA, 95370.

Phone: (209) 533-5555.